Twitter Script Poll Results: October 2016

Took a poll out on my Twitter in October asking what my next script should be, thought it would be fun to see which of my ideas lingering around people would be more interested in. The story is going to be a magical realism one (again, I know). I put down two options, plus one I threw in just for fun (which came in 2nd, go figure).

The winning result was an overwhelming 57%. The people have spoken!

Looks like my next script is going to be a dark comedy about intimacy, so keep your eyes peeled for more updates on this as we move into the coming year (and I get to work on it's treatment)! The concept is going to be a unique one, that's for sure!

New Project Announcement: I'm Here - a comic about urban legends

I'm very happy to announce my upcoming comic book project 'I'm Here', a story of urban legends in America, illustrated by Travis Francis.

Please check out the press release below. News on availability and release will be posted here. For more information on the comic, please visit http://imherecomic.tumblr.com/ and follow us on twitter @imherecomic.