The Nerdy Nexus For All Your Geeky Needs!

The Fortress of Dorkness is the brain-child of Christian Villarreal. It is a YouTube channel dedicated to being a resource and knowledge database for obscure and little known nerd-culture facts, as well as character, comic, and film histories, and breakdowns.

Christian asked friend & collaborator Nuh Omar to direct and lead the writing in the series, which Nuh does from Pakistan via video chat and voice calling services. The episodes themselves are shot around Los Angeles. 

The series is a fun & personal side project for both men, and has given them the chance to share and explore their geeky side with the world

Currently the show covers comic books and movies on Tuesdays and Thursdays respectively, with plans to expand into other nerd-culture topics soon.

Show Segments & Topics:

  • Reading OrdersGuidelines and charts to reading large comic stories, crossovers, and events.
  • Hidden Treasures: Obscure easter eggs, references, and film trivia scattered in your favorite films.
  • Beyond The Big Two: Introductions to comics outside of the more commonly known Marvel and DC.
  • Coming to Terms: Terminologies, breakdowns, and explanations of popular film phrases, technical specs, or ideals.
  • Cliff Notes: A short history of a comic book character, his/her background and creation, and key moments in his/her life.
  • Reel History: The rocky and often overlooked behind-the-scenes history of the production of a film. 

Press Release For The Fortress Of Dorkness: